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- Aero has Produced 100th Sikorsky Helicopter            【Font:Small Large
- Aero has Produced 100th Sikorsky Helicopter
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One day later, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (SAC) representatives will check and take the helicopter over in AERO, and right after it will be sent to Bremerhaven, Germany, from where it will cruise to Stratford, USA SAC seat, where it will be equipped with dynamic parts and final interior.

"We have gained valuable reference, proving our ability to ensure smooth deliveries of complete aircraft technology units at very high quality and on time. Excellent communication with the customer means commonplace for us," said Monika Vajnerova, Vice-president for Aerostructures.

"AERO has been producing the complete helicopter, excluding dynamic parts, engine and rotor, and final interior installation, since 2000. The volume of the Sikorsky program production rises by tens of percent year-on-year, which proves the quality of the product itself as well as the quality of AERO work and deliveries. Exact numbers of helicopters produced cannot be with respect to the marketing plans of our business partner published," added M. Vajnerova.

"Recently, we have been negotiating significant contracts with new potential partners," M. Vajnerova indicates further Aerostructures potential. AERO has a strategic goal to win a same volume aerostructures program such as Sikorsky in three years. AERO is among others engaged in European aerostructures projects, mainly as Airbus aircraft subcontractor.

Sikorsky program represents the largest AERO Aerostructures program. Its share on the whole Aerostructures turnover rises up to 90%. The 10% remaining are formed mainly by F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Gun Bay Door Assembly, Airbus A320 and A340 Subassemblies and Parts, and B 767 Fixed Leading Edge Assembly Kits. About one third out of 1650 AERO employees are engaged in the AERO Aerostructures Division.

The S-76 helicopter was certified in 1976 and is mainly used for cargo and passenger transport to oil platforms, in V.I.P. version and emergency. It comprises of circa 8 500 items. Out of this number, around one third is produced in AERO, the rest is purchased from circa 200 subcontractors. Helicopters produced in AERO are delivered to Stratford, USA either by sea or by air. Presently, S-76 helicopters version C++ are produced in AERO and should be replace by D version production in 2008. AERO Vodochody is the worlds only S-76 helicopter producer.


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