Zhuhai: Low Altitude Sky Opens by End of September
Zhuhai: Low Altitude Sky Opens by End of September
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As part of the ongoing reform on low-altitude airspace management in Guangdong province, Zhuhai has been selected as a pilot city to run a Reported Area where aircraft can fly freely after reporting their flight plan in advance, according to resources from a workshop meeting on implementing the province’s low- altitude sky opening, which was held on August 19th, 2011. The Reported Area, due to open by end of September, will add new incentives to the city’s general aviation industry and promote the sales of private aircraft.


  Li Xiangming, head of the coordinating workshop that oversees the province’s low-altitude air space opening-up process, said the low-altitude air space management reform will be carried out step by step in a scientific way in order to make full use of the low sky. According to him, by the end of 2011, the air space in Guangdong province will be categorized into three different areas: Area under Control, Area under Surveillance, and Reported Area. Zhuhai, as the host city of Airshow China and a major general aircraft manufacturing base, is the first city in the province to set up a Reported Area, which will also introduce a low-altitude air traffic management system to make free fly possible. Then, the low-altitude ATM system will be extended to serve some selected intercity flight routes and finally cover the whole province.


  To support the Zhuhai Reported Area, slated to open by end of September, China’s ATM authority is also working on a new management plan for the Zhuhai air space that will command both scheduled flights and low-altitude flights, such as test flight, training, and general aircraft, at the same time.



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