Military Flight Training Conference 2010 will be held in the eve of the 8th Zhuhai Airshow
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Military Flight Training Conference 2010, joint-sponsored by China Air Force and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), will be held during 14th -15th November 2010 in ZhuHai city. With the attendance of guests from various countries, this conference will be held with the purpose of discussing the current situation and future development regarding military flight training system and trainer aircraft, reviewing and sharing in the advanced and mature experience in the field of military flight training, also illustrating the harvest of the reform of China Air Force and AVIC. This conference is noticed as the prelude of The 8th Zhuhai Airshow, on which great attention is paid by China Air Force, AVIC as well as other Airshow sponsors. The main themes of the conference will concentrate on the pilot training from a future perspective, also discussing and further identifying the future path for the next generation trainer aircraft and the corresponding military flight training system. For requiring the detailed information regarding the conference, please contact the following staff: AVIC DEFENSE, Cheng Feng Tel. / Fax: +8610-58355872/ +8610-58355864

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