Major Events & Forums for Airshow China 2010
Major Events & Forums for Airshow China 2010
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1. 15th Nov, the 5th China Int’l Aviation & Aerospace Summit


2. 8:00 pm, 15th Nov, the 6th Aerospace Laureate Awards


3. Morning 16th Nov, the Opening Ceremony of Airshow China 2010


4. 2:00 pm, 16th Nov, News Release: Civil Aircraft Market Forecast


5. 16th Nov, the Night of COMAC


6. 2:00 pm 16th -18th Nov, Airshow China B to B Meetings


7. 17th Nov, Airshow China Topic Forum: General Aviation


8. 17th Nov, China Aviation Day


Note: for detailed info of the above events, please turn to Trade Visitors on the home page,you can download them under the Conference information.

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