Boeing and PetroChina work on Biofuel
Boeing and PetroChina work on Biofuel
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Boeing, PetroChina, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) and aviation industry representatives will work together to evaluate the possible benefits of a sustainable aviation biofuels industry in China to the environment and social economy.

The aforementioned parties signed a Cooperation Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding on May 27.

This collaboration will begin the evaluation work for developing sustainable aviation biofuels in May 2010. It is part of the sustainable aviation biofuels agreement signed by the NEA and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and is aimed at promoting the development of a new biofuels industry in China.

The other participating parties from the United States include AECOM and Honeywell’s UOP, LLC and UTC. The main party in China is PetroChina.

In addition, Boeing’s R&D division and Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences also signed an agreement to expand their research cooperation, incorporate other research institutions into the sustainable aviation biofuels supply chain and to conduct joint research and develop algal aviation biofuels.

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