Pakistan aerobatic team "Sherdils" to fly at Airshow China 2010
Pakistan aerobatic team "Sherdils" to fly at Airshow China 2010
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Pakistan aerobatic team "Sherdils" to fly at Airshow China 2010

Airshow China 2010 is glad to announce that the "Sherdils" aerobatic team of the Pakistan Airforce Academy will perform formation and maneuvers at the show. On May 11, 2010, a working group from the PAF visited Zhuhai and signed a memo. with its Chinese counter part for Sherdils' participation in the show, to take place from Nov. 16-21, 2010.

Officially formed on 17 August 1972, Sherdils is the aerobatics display team of the Pakistan Air Force Academy, based at PAF Academy Risalpur, Pakistan. The team used to fly the T-37 "Tweety Bird", and is composed of instructors of the Academy. Over the years the team has performed mostly nationally at the 23rd March Parades, Academy Graduation Parades, Air Shows for foreign dignitaries, including heads of state and military officers.

After 37 years of performances by T-37, the K-8 aircraft took over the mantle of ‘Sherdils’. K8 is an advanced trainer jointly developped by China and Pakistan. The K-8 first flew as Sherdils at the PAF Academy Graduation Parade on 18 November, 2009.

The aerobatic team will fly in a  4-ship formation and deliver overhead maneuver performaces, including run-in loops, wingover turns, and barrel rools.

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