Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Makes Debut at Airshow China
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Makes Debut at Airshow China
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Airshow China 2010 is glad to announce that Carlisle Interconnect Technologies , a member of Carlisle Companies Incorporated,will exhibit at Airshow China 2010. It is the first time for Carlisle to attend the show.Carlisle is a diversified global manufacturing company with business focused on construction materials, commercial roofing, specialty tire and wheel, power transmission, heavy-duty brake and friction, heavy-haul truck trailer, refrigerated truck body, foodservice, aerospace and test & measurement industries.
Carlisle Companies has been manufacturing in China since 1993. In Shenzhen , China , Carlisle Tire & Wheel's 1,200 employees manufacture more than 30,000 tires per day. In 2002, the Carlisle Power Transmission division began operating on the Carlisle Tire & Wheel campus and now manufactures industrial belts for North American and European markets. Carlisle Rubber Products (Meizhou) Co., Ltd., Carlisle Brake Products (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Qiaotou YiChang Wire & Cable Assembly Factory have added to Carlisle 's presence in the region by serving local markets and exporting products globally. Nearly all of Carlisle's divisions are accessing the China market in some manner through selling, manufacturing, or sourcing materials and products.

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