Exhibition Center Renovated for Airshow China 2008
Exhibition Center Renovated for Airshow China 2008
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The Zhuhai Airshow Center will take on a new look to stage the 7th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2008), to be held from Nov. 4-9, 2008 in Zhuhai. The renovation, the first time since the exhibition center was put into use in 1996, wins support from the local party committee and government and aims to provide better service to exhibitors and visitors.

The ongoing ‘Refurbishment Project’, to be completed by end of August this year, consists a variety of rebuilding and decorations, including renovating all three exhibition halls, the press center, chalets, and the comprehensive village (for catering public visitors and souvenir vendors), planting grass in the car park lot and redesigning and upgrading functions of the exhibition facilities.

According to the show organizer, the renovation work is focused on the following items:

1. To update power supply, waterproof and fire extinguish systems in all exhibition halls, the press center, the comprehensive village and chalets.
2. To reallocate and redesign the functional areas: the comprehensive village serving as an exclusive business area for catering public visitors and accommodating souvenir vendors, so as to maintain a neat and clean environment in the exhibition halls.
3. To set up more conferences rooms and expand the already-existed ones, with improved broadcasting system, so as to meet exhibitors’ demand for high profile forums and conferences.
4.  To set up an independent registration center at the main entrance, which integrates badge & ticketing service, including stand fitting, registration, badge claim, and communication.
5. To refine the building’s exterior, to beautify the landscape, and to refurbish the washing rooms.
6. To set up an exclusive media room for journalist in the press center.
7. A golf-car lane designed in the show venue for shuttle traffic service between different buildings.
8. To set up sunshades along the pass between exhibition halls.
9. To renovate and redecorate chalet into a cozy venue for trade talks and technological exchange.
10. To plant grass in the parking lot outside the main entrance.


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