The Communication Will Be Made On Aug 26th
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Aug 19th, Beijing Time, the 3rd Senior High School of Nanjing held a news release conference and announced that they have received the confirmation of the NASA. They also released the questions and students name list. The communication will take place from 6:44 p.m. to 6:54 p.m. Aug 26th, 2007. This is the first time that the Chinese students can talk directly to the crewmember of the ISS by amateur radio.

The headmaster said that the preparation work for the communication was going smoothly. The participants are from various grades of different school around China, including Hong Kong, Guangdong, Shanghai and some local schools of Nanjing.

The application experienced a difficult process. At the beginning of June 2005 the school had submitted the application form to the ISS. After being inspected on the qualifications, techniques, education schemes and some other aspects for many times, and with frequent communication, the representative of the ARISS in Asian and Pacific regions confirmed the school that their application had been adopted and would be passed to the “operating committee”.

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