The Chinese Students Will Talk With The Crewmembers Of The ISS
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The Space Shuttle Endeavour has been launched successfully on Aug 9th, Beijing time. At the same time, the “space dream” of the students from the 3rd Senior High School of Nanjing is flying with the launch. Their ARISS Plan with the International Space Station is entering the last preparation stage. As planned, if Endeavour finish favoringly all the anticipative operation in the ISS, the Chinese teenagers may have the chance to communicate with the crewmembers directly for 10 minutes by amateur radio station during its return. So far, the 3rd Senior High School of Nanjing is collecting the communicating questions from the teenagers society-widely.

“This is the first time that the Chinese students can participate in ARISS Plan and communicate with the crewmembers directly.” said Wang Long, the teacher in charge of the amateur radio station in the school. If everything goes smooth, Endeavour will return to the earth on Aug 21st and NASA will arrange the communication for the school. By then, when the space station is crossing the sky of Nanjing, the engineer Clayton Anderson will talk to the students through the amateur radio of the ISS.

As the crewmembers in the ISS will participate in the ARISS Plan only when Endeavour finish all the work, America will set up the communication on sometime during Aug 24th to 26th. NASA will inform the high school the exact time and release the news on their website.

What is ARISS?

ARISS was initiated by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) and NASA; it’s one of the NASA’s science and technology education programs. Once an amateur radio’s application is adopted, NASA will arrange some crewmembers working in the ISS to talk with the students by Amateur Radio. At present, there have been approximately 280 schools taking part in the activity.

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