China Seeks Closer Space Industry Cooperation
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Jin Zhuanglong, deputy director of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense said in Beijing Monday that China will strengthen cooperation in the international space community with the aim of achieving the peaceful development of space.      
China would also seek to expand its share of the international market for satellite launches and other space services, said Jin.
Speaking at an international conference on the space industry Jin said China had already signed 16 agreements with 13 governments and organizations and established space industry cooperation with more than 40 countries and international bodies. 
Specifically, he said, China would further cooperation with Russia, the Ukraine and other European countries as well as the likes of Argentina, Chile and Peru in South America.  
In Asia work would be undertaken towards the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization which would be based in Beijing. China, Pakistan, Peru and six other countries had signed a treaty on the organization's establishment last year and it would take effect upon ratification by five members. China's legislature ratified the treaty in June.
China would also seek to engage in "substantive" cooperation with space organizations in the United States and Canada, Jin said.
Over the next five years China will work with Pakistan on the development and launch of three resource prospecting satellites. Contracts already signed will see China manufacture and launch telecommunications satellites for Nigeria and Venezuela.
(Xinhua News Agency August 29, 2006)

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