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  Airshow China 2004
  The 5th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition
  Date: Nov. 1st¡ª¡ªNov. 7th, 2004

The 5th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2004) took place in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, from Nov.1-7, 2004. Up to 2pm Nov. 7, Airshow China 2004 attracted a number of 500 exhibitors and 51 aircrafts from 32 countries and regions around the world, occupying an indoor floor space of 16,000 square meters£¬with an increase of 15% to last show. The show also registered 220 media units from at home and abroad, 80,000 trade visitors, and 150,000 public visitors. Altogether 34 summit forums, press conferences, contract signing ceremonies, product briefings, market forecasts were held, including 18 business contracts involving 95 different types of aircraft. Compared to previous four sessions, Airshow China 2004 made new progress in planning & organizing, field management, security control and brand building. During the seven show days, 18 contracts were signed, involving a total turnover of 4.5 billion dollars and 95 aircraft. China¡¯s four major aerospace companies carried out extensive business talks and technical exchanges with foreign multinational enterprises and achieved fruitful results. The show was also highlighted by the presence of Mr.Yang Liwei, the first Chinese astronaut. Airshow China 2004 showed a significant increase in the number of exhibitors. Manufactures from 32 different countries and regions attended the show, exceeding all previous dimensions. Airshow China¡¯s increasing influence was enhanced by a dozen of new comers. Making debut at Airshow China were exhibitors from UAE, Greece, Finland, India, Chile and Iran, A variety of high-profile sub-expos such as the International Airport Exhibition and the OEM Equipment Exhibition also enriched the content of this show. The Chinese and invited foreign aerobatic teams staged thrilling maneuvers for the public visitors and fans, featured by a joint formation of the Russian Mig-29 ¡°Swifts¡± and the PLA ¡°August 1st¡±. The show was held at a time just after China had successfully fulfilled the mission of manned spaceflight which made China the third country in the world to independently send people into space. In addition£¬due to the fast growth of China¡¯s economy in recent years, the huge Civil aircraft and Space civil market potential that China owns will be turned into tangible purchasing power. Therefore during the show, it became not only the very competition focus but also the most important area of cooperation that manufactures tried to find. World famous aviation enterprises like Boeing, Airbus and Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) released forecast of China¡¯s aviation industry and expressed great interest in tapping the potential market.