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  Airshow China 1998
  The 2nd China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition
  Date: Nov. 15th¡ª¡ªNov. 22nd, 1998

Airshow China 1998 took place in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China from Nov. 15 to 22, after the successful launch of the show in 1996. Compared with Airshow China 1996, Airshow China 1998 reached a higher level ¨C a larger exhibition size, a bigger collection of exhibits and sophisticated technologies. There were more than 500 exhibitors taking part in the show, with 98 aircraft on static or fly display. Some of which represented the most advanced aircraft manufacturing technologies in 1990s, including the Airbus A330, the Su-30, and IL-96, all bringing an eye-opening experience to the audiences. The Chinese aviation industry made a brilliant presentation at the show, with China Aviation Industry Crop displaying 20 aircraft and more than 70 mock-ups it has produced since the founding of the People¡¯s Republic of China. In addition, the Chinese aerospace industries set up a 4000 square meter outdoor showcase to display its rocket carriers, including Long March 2, Long March 3, and 8 real-size models. The PLA newly equipped ¡°August 1st¡± aerobatic team flied for the first time at Airshow China and won compliments from audiences with new formation and thrilling maneuvers. The top twenty companies in the aviation industry also took part in the airshow this year. During the exhibition, large enterprises such Airbus and Boeing signed plenty of technology corporations and economical contracts with their clients. China aviation system also signed many contracts concerning satellite launching and aircraft production. Airshow China 1998 registered more than 800,000 visitors at home and abroad, including 230,000 trade visitors. During the exhibition, 30 contracts and cooperative agreements were signed, 19 press conferences and more than 20 topic events were held to introduce the new products and to promote technical exchanges. The Airshow China 1998 attracted media all over the world, with 2280 journalists from new agencies, TV stations, broadcasting stations and magazines reporting the show live.