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  Airshow China 1996
  The 1st China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition
  Date: Nov. 5th¡ª¡ªNov. 10th, 1996

The 1st China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 1996) took place in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, from Nov.5-10, 1996. China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition is the only professional aviation exhibition endorsed by the Chinese central government. As a state-level event, Airshow China has been given great attention by the state and party leaders. Former President Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription of congratulations for the launch of the show; former premier Li Peng declared the show opening and former vice premier, now the top legislator Wu Bangguo announced the Chinese government decision that Airshow China take place in Zhuhai in every even-numbered year since 1996. Airshow China 1996 was attended by more than 400 aerospace companies from 25 countries. During the week-long show, a dozen of topic forums, press conferences, contract signing ceremonies and product briefings were held, including 16 business contracts with a total turnover of $2 billion. The show also received 20,000 trade visitors, 700,000 public visitors and about 1500 journalists from at home and abroad. The Chinese aerospace industries made a strong presentation at Airshow China 1996, showcasing a wide range of home-developed products, including the J-8 fighter, Z-9 helicopter, Y12 transporter, and the latest Long March 2 rocket. World-famous aviation and aerospace companies, such as Boeing¡¢Airbus, the United Technologies, Rolls-Royce, Sukhoi, also made debut at the show with their state-of ¨Cthe-art aircraft and technologies. The aerobatic display was another highlight of Airshow China 1996, featured by the SU-27 ¡®s unique cobra maneuver and IL-78 air refueling. The British ¡°Golden Dream¡± aerobatic team and the ¡°World Aerobatics Grand Prix¡± also impressed the audience deeply. . Airshow China 1996 turned out to be a great has success. As the first of its kind in China, the show promptly attracted worldwide attention and has been expanding its influence from then on.